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Fellows Program

I-MDRC Fellows

The I-MDRC Fellows Program was established in 2021 and represents a distinguished group of researchers who have made significant scientific contributions to the field of motor development and professional contributions to the I-MDRC organization. Fellowship of I-MDRC is the highest honor bestowed within the organization.

Inaugural Fellows

Jane Clark, University of Maryland, USA

Lisa Barnett, Deakin University, Australia

Nancy Getchell, University of Delaware, USA

Jackie Goodway, The Ohio State University, USA

Matthieu Lenoir, Ghent University, Belgium

Leah Robinson, University of Michigan, USA

Luís Paulo Rodrigues, Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, Portugal

David Stodden, University of South Carolina, USA

Jill Whitall, University of Maryland, USA

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