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The Pictorial Scale of Perceived Movement Skill Competence (aligned with the TGMD-3)

Overview: A subsequent version was developed that matched the 13 items in the TGMD version 3 (link to Ulrich The object control subtest was renamed ball skills, with seven skills instead of six (i.e., strike with two hands, strike with one hand, stationary dribble, catch, kick, overhand throw, and underhand throw). In the locomotor subtest, the six skills are now: run, gallop, skip, hop, slide, and horizontal jump. In this version of the TGMD the leap and underhand roll skills were eliminated, and the skip, one-hand forehand strike and underhand throw were added, bringing the total skill count up to thirteen, from the previous twelve.

Want a Copy?: Please contact A/Professor Lisa Barnett (Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition, Deakin University, Australia) for English versions of the PMSC.

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