The Lolas E. Halverson Motor Development
Young Investigator Award 
An international honor, the Lolas E. Halverson Motor Development Young Investigator Award is given in recognition of an outstanding young scholar for their contributions to research in the motor development field and scholarly effort to improve motor behavior over the lifespan. Honorees must demonstrate sustained scholarship that makes a significant contribution to the field of motor development. Evidence might include the innovation nature of the work, its impact on the field, and/or its impact on the practical application of knowledge. The recipient will make a research presentation at the next I-MDRC conference.
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Previous Award Winners
Karen Meany - 1995
Clersida Garcia - 1996
Susan Hart - 1997
Jackie Goodway - 1998
Jin Yan - 1999
Rosa Angulo-Barroso - 2000
Nancy Getchell - 2001
Nida Roncesvalles - 2002
Taeyou Jung - 2004
Chris Kovacs - 2005
Dave Stodden - 2006
Tom Korff - 2007
Michele Lobo - 2008
Jin Bo - 2009
Leah Robinson - 2010
Ting Liu - 2011
Matthias Wagner - 2012
Priscila Tamplain - 2013
An De Meester - 2021