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12:00-12:15 pm

Conference Opening

Provost and Dean Welcome

12:15-1:00 pm

Keynote Presentation #1

Michele Lobo "Infancy/ early childhood"

1:00-1:45 pm

Oral Session #1

Abstract     Presentation    Maternal Cultural Handling Practices and Beliefs About Motor Development of Infants Up to 18 Months of Age 

Abstract     Presentation    Play as a Context for Motor Development in Preschool Children: A Compositional Analysis 

Abstract     Presentation    Mother's Choice of Infant Positioning Time in Prone and Supine is Associated with Chronological Age in Infants Up to Six

                                              Months of Life

Abstract     Presentation    The Combination of Three Movement Behaviours is Associated with Object Control Skills, but Not with Locomotor Skills

                                              in Preschoolers 

Abstract     Presentation    SKIPING with PALS: A Parent -Assisted Physical Activity/Motor Skill Intervention Feasibility Study 

Abstract     Presentation    Learn to Move: A Mastery Motivational Climate Intervention Targeting Fundamental Motor Skills in Preschool Children

1:45-2:15 pm

Poster Session #1

Abstract     Presentation    The Relationship Between Motor and Language Development in Infancy: Is it Already Present in the First Months?


Abstract     Presentation    Prevalence of Developmental Delays Over 24 Months in Extremely, Very and Moderate/Late Preterm Infants


Abstract     Presentation    Manual Active Behaviour in Early Infancy

Abstract     Presentation    A Systematic Review of Motor Competence and Behaviour Change Interventions: Children as the Architects


Abstract     Presentation    Boys and Children Who are Competent in Fundamental Motor Skills are More Physical Active on the Playground


Abstract     Presentation    A Kinderkinetics Intervention Aimed at improving Gross Motor Skills and Visual-Motor Integration of 5 to 6-Year Old

                                              South African Children

Abstract     Presentation    Fundamental Movement Skills Proficiency of South African Grade One Children


2:15-2:45 pm

Poster Session #2

Abstract     Presentation    COVID-19 and the Effects of Isolation on the Sedentariness and Physical Activity of Families and Children: An Italian


Abstract     Presentation    The Influence of Swimming and Cycling Abilities on the Fitness of 9-11 Year Old Boys and Girls 

Abstract     Presentation    How Daily Activities in Kindergarten Promote Children's Physical Activity? A Pilot Study 

Abstract     Presentation    Cardiorespiratory and Muscle Weakness in Normal Weight Obese Middle Age School Children 

Abstract     Presentation    Can Motor Skills Be Considered a Protective Factor for Children's Health? 

Abstract     Presentation    Systemic Approach in the Investigation of Motor Competence, Executive Functions, Cardiorespiratory Fitness and

                                              Physical Activity of Schoolchildren: A Study of Networks

Abstract     Presentation    Association Between Motor Competence and Musculoskeletal Fitness: A Longitudinal Study 

Abstract     Presentation    Does Working Memory Have a Role in Object Control Skills Development of Young Children?

Abstract     Presentation    Fundamental Motor Skills and Cognitive Function Among Preschoolers: Does Weight Status Matter?



2:45-3:30 pm

Oral Session #2

Abstract     Presentation    Wood Motor Success Screening Tool: An Authentic Motor Skill Assessment Tool for Preschool Children


Abstract     Presentation    Can Teachers Assess Aspects of Children's Physical Literacy? A Systematic Review of Rating Scales 

Abstract     Presentation    Validation and Application of the Florida Praxis Imagery Questionnaire

Abstract     Presentation    Assessing the Impact of BMI on Motor Performances, Self-Efficacy and Enjoyment in Primary School Children

Abstract     Presentation    IMU-Based Quantitative Assessment of Motor Control in Primary School Children 

Abstract     Presentation    Should Motor Coordination Tests Require the Use of Both Body Sides' Limbs or Only the Preferred One?



3:30-4:00 pm


Expert Statement on Motor Development

- Cain Clark: Background and Evidence

- Farid Bardid: Assessment

- Lawrence Foweather: Interventions

- Gareth Stratton: Recommendations and Feedback


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