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12:00-12:45 pm

Keynote Presentation #2


Nadia Valentini "Childhood and Adolescence"

12:45-1:30 pm

Oral Session #3

Abstract     Presentation    Transitional Movement Skills Dependence on Fundamental Movement Skills: Testing Seefeldt's Proficiency Barrier


Abstract     Presentation    Association Between Perceived Motor Competence and Weight Status in Children and Early Adolescents

Abstract     Presentation    An Investigation of Fundamental Movement Skills and Functional Movement in Irish Adolescents: Proficiency Levels and


Abstract     Presentation    Investigating the Age-Related Association Between Perceived Motor Competence and Actual Motor Competence in   

                                              Early Adolescent Youth

Abstract     Presentation    To Throw or Not to Throw...Exploring Perceived and Actual Motor Competence in 12-18 Year Old Children

Abstract     Presentation    Relationship Between Population Density and Motor Competence in Finnish Children-A Three Year Follow-Up

1:30-2:00 pm

Poster Session #3

Abstract     Presentation    Identifying Motor Competence Based Profiles in Children and Their Association with Physical Activity, Motivation and

                                              Physical Self-Efficacy

Abstract     Presentation    Motor Skills and Participation in Middle Childhood: A Direct Path for Boys, a Path Mediated by Value for Physical Activity

                                              for Girls

Abstract     Presentation    Active Physical Recreation Participation of Children with high and Low Actual and Perceived Motor Competence: A

                                              Cluster Analysis 

Abstract     Presentation    Exploratory Analysis of Motor Competence in Schoolchildren 

Abstract     Presentation    Stakeholders’ Perceptions of PETE Candidates’ Knowledge of Motor Development

Abstract     Presentation    Examining Correlations Between Motivation (BREQ-2) in ROTC and Non-ROTC Cadets and Physical Fitness Exam Scores

                                              at a Senior Military College

Abstract     Presentation    Functional Movement Screen, Citadel Physical Fitness Test, and Incidence of Pain Among Freshmen Cadets

Abstract     Presentation    Is There a Motor Skill Proficiency Barrier Related to Health-Related Fitness Levels in Youth? 

2:00-2:45 pm

Keynote Presentation #3

Jill Whitall “Aging”

2:45-3:30 pm

Oral Session #4

Abstract     Presentation    Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Use Inefficient Goal-Direction Whole Body Movements Compared to Typical


Abstract     Presentation    Comparison of Motor Competence in Children with and without CHARGE Syndrome

Abstract     Presentation    Does the Degree of Direction of Handedness in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder Influence Motor

                                              and Cognitive Performance?

Abstract     Presentation    Repurposing MTrigger, A Portable EMG Biofeedback Device, for Application in Gait Rehabilitation, a Motor Learning


Abstract     Presentation    Effects of Classroom-Based Active Breaks on Cognition, Sitting and On-Task Behaviour in Children with Intellectual

                                              Disability: A Pilot Study



3:30-4:00 pm

Oral Session #5

Abstract     Presentation    Dose Response Effects of the BWF Shuttle Time Programme on Children's Actual and Perceived Motor Competence

Abstract     Presentation    Using Collective Intelligence to Identify Barriers to Implementing and Sustaining Effective Fundamental Movement Skills

                                             Interventions: A Rationale and Application Example

Abstract     Presentation    A School-Based Intervention to Improve Functional Movement and Fundamental Movement Skills in Adolescent Youth:

                                             Evaluating the Effectiveness of Project FLAME


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